Carmel Valley AMS - Good - 42 AQI - Ozone - 2PM
Hollister AMS - Good - 43 AQI - Ozone - 2PM
King City AMS - Moderate - 53 AQI - PM10 - 1PM
Pinnacles NM - Good - 29 AQI - Ozone - 11AM
SLV Middle School AMS - Good - 2 AQI - PM2.5 - 2PM
Salinas AMS - Good - 47 AQI - Ozone - 2PM
Santa Cruz AMS - Good - 40 AQI - Ozone - 2PM
Site Name Ozone AQI PM2.5 AQI PM10 AQI
Carmel Valley AMS 42 at 2PM 14 at 2PM N/A
Hollister AMS 43 at 2PM 13 at 2PM 29 at 1PM
King City AMS 50 at 2PM 11 at 2PM 53 at 1PM
Pinnacles NM 29 at 11AM N/A N/A
SLV Middle School AMS N/A 2 at 2PM N/A
Salinas AMS 47 at 2PM 17 at 2PM N/A
Santa Cruz AMS 40 at 2PM 30 at 2PM N/A
All times shown in PDT
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Area Today Tomorrow
Pinnacles National Monument Ozone Ozone
Salinas Ozone Ozone
Santa Cruz Ozone Ozone
Hollister Ozone Ozone
King City Ozone Ozone
Carmel Valley Ozone Ozone
Davenport Ozone Ozone
San Lorenzo Valley Ozone Ozone
Scotts Valley Ozone Ozone
Watsonville Ozone Ozone
Marina/Seaside Ozone Ozone
Monterey Peninsula Ozone Ozone
September 22 to September 27, 2017 – The low pressure trough moving east past California is drawing cooler air from the north which will keep air temperatures throughout the District relatively pleasant through the weekend. A high pressure ridge moving in from the west will result in a temperature increase starting early next week. Very little cloud cover is expected and relative humidity is expected to decrease during this time. AQI throughout the District is expected to remain GOOD overall, through the middle of next week.

Basin 24-hr Decision
Tue Sep 26
48-hr Forecast
Wed Sep 27
72-hr Outlook
Thu Sep 28
96-hr Trend
Fri Sep 29
North Central Coast - Coastal Zone Burn Favorable
(Low Confidence)
Favorable Favorable
North Central Coast - Inland Zone Burn Favorable
(Low Confidence)
Favorable Favorable
North Central Coast - San Lorenzo Valley Burn Favorable
(Low Confidence)
Favorable Favorable
Source: PFIRS - Prescribed Fire Information Reporting System
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