Site Name Ozone AQI PM2.5 AQI PM10 AQI
Boulder Creek N/A 77 at 2PM N/A
Carmel Valley AMS 34 at 1PM 69 at 1PM N/A
Felton Cal-Fire N/A 93 at 2PM N/A
Hollister AMS 29 at 1PM 118 at 1PM 52 at 12PM
King City AMS 35 at 1PM 77 at 1PM 47 at 12PM
Pinnacles NM 45 at 2PM N/A N/A
SLV Middle School AMS N/A 87 at 1PM N/A
Salinas AMS 32 at 1PM 70 at 1PM N/A
Santa Cruz AMS 26 at 1PM 104 at 1PM N/A
Zayante Fire Station N/A 84 at 2PM N/A
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Air Quality Index Information
Area Today Tomorrow
Pinnacles National Monument Ozone Ozone
Salinas Ozone Ozone
Santa Cruz PM2.5 PM2.5
Hollister Ozone PM2.5
King City Ozone Ozone
Carmel Valley PM2.5 PM2.5
Davenport Ozone Ozone
San Lorenzo Valley PM2.5 PM2.5
Scotts Valley PM2.5 PM2.5
Watsonville Ozone Ozone
Marina/Seaside Ozone Ozone
Monterey Peninsula Ozone Ozone
November 15-20, 2018 With the high pressure ridge still in place expect chilly nights, warm and pleasant air temperatures and visible haze from smoke. Smoke generated from the Camp Fire continues to cause smoke impacts throughout our region with elevated AQI levels for PM 2.5. In addition, use of wood burning fireplaces/heating devices combined with the presence of Fall thermal inversions cause the smoke to stay close to the ground in our breathing space. Expect elevated AQI PM 2.5 levels of MODERATE to UNHEALTHY across the region, especially in the valleys and basins, through the weekend and possibly into early next week. Ozone in the Pinnacles area is expected to be GOOD but may slip into MODERATE. Hollister and King City may reach MODERATE to USG for PM 10.

Basin 24-hr Decision
Mon Nov 19
48-hr Forecast
Tue Nov 20
72-hr Outlook
Wed Nov 21
96-hr Trend
Thu Nov 22
North Central Coast - Coastal Zone No Burn Unfavorable Favorable Favorable
North Central Coast - Inland Zone No Burn Unfavorable Favorable Favorable
North Central Coast - San Lorenzo Valley No Burn Unfavorable Favorable Favorable
Source: PFIRS - Prescribed Fire Information Reporting System