Ben Lomond - Good - 14 AQI - PM2.5 - 5AM
Boulder Creek - Good - 2 AQI - PM2.5 - 5AM
Carmel Valley AMS - Good - 14 AQI - Ozone - 4AM
Felton Cal-Fire - Good - 9 AQI - PM2.5 - 5AM
Hollister AMS - Good - 29 AQI - Ozone - 4AM
King City AMS - Good - 14 AQI - PM2.5 - 5AM
SLV Middle School - N/A
Salinas AMS - Good - 24 AQI - Ozone - 4AM
Santa Cruz AMS - Good - 18 AQI - Ozone - 4AM
Site Name Ozone AQI PM2.5 AQI PM10 AQI
Ben Lomond N/A 14 at 5AM N/A
Boulder Creek N/A 2 at 5AM N/A
Carmel Valley AMS 14 at 4AM 13 at 5AM N/A
Felton Cal-Fire N/A 9 at 5AM N/A
Hollister AMS 29 at 4AM N/A 6 at 4AM
King City AMS 9 at 4AM 14 at 5AM 7 at 4AM
SLV Middle School N/A N/A N/A
Salinas AMS 24 at 4AM N/A N/A
Santa Cruz AMS 18 at 4AM 4 at 5AM N/A
All times shown in PST
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Area Today Tomorrow
Carmel Valley PM2.5 PM2.5
Davenport PM2.5 PM2.5
Hollister PM2.5 PM2.5
King City PM2.5 PM2.5
Marina/Seaside PM2.5 PM2.5
Monterey Peninsula PM2.5 PM2.5
Pinnacles National Monument PM2.5 PM2.5
Salinas PM2.5 PM2.5
San Lorenzo Valley PM2.5 PM2.5
Santa Cruz PM2.5 PM2.5
Scotts Valley PM2.5 PM2.5
Watsonville PM2.5 PM2.5
Forecast discussion for December 17 to 22: Generally unsettled conditions continue through the work week as a conveyor belt of short-lived troughs and ridges move through the area. A pattern change to dry and stable conditions is then expected to set-in Saturday as a long-lived high pressure ridge builds in from the SW. This feature is expected to persist through Christmas. Overnight temperatures are expected to remain well above freezing as the offshore waters of the Pacific remain unusually mild, creating a moderating effect on temperatures. Air quality is expected to remain in the GOOD category over most of the region. However, in the San Lorenzo Valley overnight air stagnation can be expected to develop as the atmosphere stabilizes. Consequently, PM2.5 AQIs can be expected to crepe upward to the MODERATE to upper MODERATE categories with occasional excursions into the UNHEALTHY FOR SENSITIVE GROUPS category due to wood smoke from residential heating. The increase may be partially mitigated by the lack of exceptionally cold nighttime temperatures.

Basin 24-hr Decision
Thu Dec 18
48-hr Forecast
Fri Dec 19
72-hr Outlook
Sat Dec 20
96-hr Trend
Sun Dec 21
North Central Coast - Coastal Zone Burn Favorable
(High Confidence)
Favorable Marginal
North Central Coast - San Lorenzo Valley Burn Favorable
(High Confidence)
Marginal Unfavorable
North Central Coast - Inland Zone Burn Favorable
(High Confidence)
Favorable Marginal
Source: PFIRS - Prescribed Fire Information Reporting System
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